MODCOModule Company (solar photovoltaic industry)
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So, one of the first steps was for marketing, sales, and engineering teams to generate realistic forecasts of future market conditions, potential sales, and predicted product requirements for MODCO, including probable new product developments and the phasing out of obsolete items.
The quality control department started its assigned task of updating MODCO documents, manuals, and procedures to reflect the new location, processes, and equipment to maintain our ISO site-specific certifications.
Dowd, MODCO general manager and director of this year's event, commented on the relationship between the auto industry and MODCO, which has now surpassed 60 years.
They exemplify the powerful best from eras past, and pay tribute to the innovative engineering and manufacturing that we at MODCO, Gaging Systems, and all of Valenite are proud to contribute to the automotive industry," Dowd said.
Later as MODCO, it became known worldwide for designing precision machining tools for engine blocks and cylinder heads, including precision line-boring tools for the crankshaft bore, cylinder boring cutters, and valve seating tools.
MODCO has delivered engineered tooling solutions to the automotive QEMs and Tier One suppliers for more than 35 years.
Based on its experience, MODCO submits solutions that are proven to meet these machining objectives.
The best practices database, however, is really only one step in a multi-step repositioning of MODCO to respond quickly to increasingly aggressive demands of its customers, explains Terry C.
The database took shape when MODCO began gathering its long list of successful applications into a useful computerized format.