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MODCOMPModular Computer Systems
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1989), DIPLOBACK (Khazanovich, Roesler 1997), and MODCOMP (Irwin, Szenbenyi 1991; Irwin 1994) are examples of FWD interpretation programs and algorithms for rigid, flexible, and composite pavements.
In summary, the nonlinear module of MODCOMP did not improve the number of reasonable solutions significantly, and it is recommended that nonlinear constitutive equations not be used in a batch mode basis.
Rob Crigler is the vice president of sales and marketing at MODCOMP (, a provider of e-commerce integration software and services.
* MODCOMP has supervisory control software in Linux.
MODCOMP's Palm VII support is the most recent addition to its suite of mobile business (M-Business) solutions.
Foremost among them are IBM, Modcomp, and Numeridex.
Gould, Allen-Bradley, Modcomp, GE, and others are keen on integrating their equipment with their own and the competition's equipment.
Michele Merrell has joined the organization as the vice president, global marketing and communications across all enterprises including CSP Inc., and its subsidiaries Modcomp, Multi Computer Division, and the company's recently acquired subsidiary, Myricom.