MODFMy Own Damn Fault
MODFMode Fault
MODFMetal-Organic Dendrimer Framework (chemistry)
MODFMineral Oil Dielectric Fluid (refined mineral oil)
MODFMeta-O-Dealkylated Flecainide
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It was important to ensure that the three broad domains were aligned with the four walls of Te Whare Tapa Wha and the components of the MODF. The decisions about which dimensions to include within each of the three broad domains, and the MODF components to include within each dimension, were based on a review of the, Western literature on workplace stress and wellbeing, the existing Maori literature on occupational stress, Maori mental health, and consultation with Maori health practitioners in Phase 1.
The second column, shows the dimensions that were included within each broad domain, while the third column establishes which of the walls of Te Whare Tapa Wha (and therefore which of the MODF components) were included.
MODF components were the focus when developing the items, so decisions needed to be made about which MODF components should be included in each dimension.
Items to measure each of the MODF components in each of the seven dimensions were developed through an iterative process of consultation.
Unfortu nately, this baby died of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) and multiple organ dysfunction failure (MODF) at 29 days after separation.
The other baby died of MODF 29 days after separation.
For any set S, the approach frame [R.sub.f]([P.sup.S]) is free on {ev(*,s) | s [member of] S} in the category ModF: for any set map [tau] : S [right arrow] UL, L [member of] ModF, there exists a unique h: [R.sub.f]([P.sup.S]) [right arrow] L in ModT such that
Any L [member of] ModF is the homomorphic image of an approach frame.