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MODFETModulation-Doped Field-Effect Transistor
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Researchers at Lincoln Laboratory, however, say the new MODFET's maximum operating frequency is comparable to what they have achieved with a device called the permeable base transistor (PBT), which consists of metallic, comb-like teeth embedded in gallium arsenide layer.
Figure 2 shows the current-voltage characteristics of AlGaN/GaN MODFET of 50 nm gate length for different values of gate voltages.
Kugler, "Generation-Recombination Noise in the Saturation Regime of MODFET Structures," IEEE Trans.
Enhanced mobilities in the MODFET channel were obtained with a two-dimensional electron gas (or two-dimensional hole gas) formed in the strained SiGe quantum-well layers (or strained Si) deployed between source and drain.
Preliminary comparisons between measurements and new model simulations of a 0.25 [micrometer] X 240 [micrometer] MODFET device, biased at [V.sub.DS] = 5 V and [V.sub.GS] = 5 V, are shown in Figure 8.
He also has been invlove with linear and nonlinear modeling of MESFET, MODFET and Schottky barrier diode devices.