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MODFLOWModular Three-Dimensional Finite-Difference Groundwater Flow Model (groundwater modeling systems)
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The elevation of different points of study area was incorporated to MODFLOW Visual 2000.
Note that the original module for concentration calibration provided by Visual MODFLOW was not suitable for calculations because observation wells were screened over several model layers (layers 3-6, Table 3, Fig.
Since the lakes are represented as an integral part of the MODFLOW model, their calculated hydraulic head value represent the lake surface level which, due to limitations in the groundwater model, may vary across the area of the lake.
Comparison of the computed potentiometric surface with the low estimates of projected (1983 to 2020) pumping for Groschen's (1985) computed potentiometric surface reveals that aquifer simulations using MODFLOW are locally more sensitive to reductions of the pumping rates than Groschen's (1985) computed surface with MOC.
Numerous springs occurring in the study area were modelled by Visual MODFLOW drain condition (another modification of the Cauchy condition).
1984b) showed MODFLOW predictions that required a reduction in recharge of 90% to produce water level declines in the Lincoln Uplands where current recharge rates were estimated to be between 10 and 70 mm/year.
The three-dimensional groundwater flow model MODFLOW incorporated in CLASP II represents subsurface flow processes in the saturated zone.
Geological Survey's groundwater code, MODFLOW, and an in-house developed 3-D solute transport code, RANDOM Walk 3D (RWLK3D).
The latest release of the TECHBASE software includes: a tool to help automate repetitive tasks and provide an interface for casual users; PIPER and stiff, graphical representation of the cation/anion balance for water quality data; interactive on-screen editor for point and line data; a three-dimensional slope stability analysis program; integration of the USGS MODFLOW program; continued integration and development with the interactive SURFORE modelling package; a tool for bench by bench expansion of digitized pit designs.
Therefore, simulation by a numerical modelling software package, such as Visual MODFLOW, is a proper choice to determine the groundwater movement and contaminant transport rate.
We obtained instructions from the USGS to download the necessary MODFLOW input files from the regional office (Walter D, USGS, personal communication).
MODFLOW requires the recharge to be estimated externally and provided as an input, whilst discharge from the water table is estimated within the program (provided that various parameters concerning capillary upflow are given as inputs) making it difficult to account for land, crop, and water management practices which determine vertical fluxes to the water table (Prathapar et al.