MODGMother of Divine Grace (California Catholic school)
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Assume the maximum K corresponding to MODG method with the prescribed SLL and nulls as [K.sub.max].
Upon the above analysis, MODG method and MCODG method can be integrated into a unified form, which can be written as.
Combined with the results shown in Table 1, the obtained K of the new method is less than the given [K.sub.0], which indicates that the new method corresponds to MODG method.
See ModG verbannen 'to banish': The sovereign lord might as well banish/send into exile those under his jurisdiction.
ModG Band (8th c., [Kluge.sup.24]) and ModE band ([OED.sup.2], s.v.
See also cognate ModG [Bande.sup.1] (from French, 16th c., [Kluge.sup.24]) (BDE: 74a, s.v.
All major English etymological dictionaries propose a so-called Frankish root *rant which is related to ModG rennen 'to run', rannte p.t.