MODMMinistry of Displacement and Migration (Iraq)
MODMMultiple Objective Decision Making
MODMMaturity Onset Diabetes Mellitus
MODMMenace of Darth Maul
MODMMuseum of Dead Media (technology preservation; South Africa)
MODMMiddle Office Data Model
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It consists of two main categories: Multiattribute Decision Making (MADM) and Multiobjective Decision Making (MODM).
The MODM methods can require DMs to reach multiple noncommensurable objectives such as minimizing economic, environmental, and societal impacts.
MODM applies to decision problems in which the alternative set is not explicitly known.
Based on the above analysis, the dynamic scheduling problem is a multiple objective decision making (MODM) problem.
Considering uncertainty in the game theory approach to solving different dilemmas is really noticeable, which eventuates to multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) or multi-objective decision making (MODM) usage in the game theory.
"Myths and legends are very modand legends are very modM -ish," he admits, "they are "nding their way into movies and even, I'm told, into computer games, although I don't play them myself.
MCDM is broadly classified into two categories which are Multiple Attribute Decision Making (MADM) and Multiple Objective Decision Making (MODM) [5].
MCDM methods can be broadly classified into two categories: discrete MCDM or discrete MADM (Multi-attribute Decision Making) and continuous MODM (Multi-Objective Decision Making) methods (Fig.
The field consists of two main categories: multiattribute decision making (MADM) and multiobjective decision making (MODM).
MCDM deals with decision problems with a number of decision criteria and it is a branch of operations research models, which is divided into multiattribute decision making (MADM) and multiobjective decision making (MODM).