MODPModular Exponential
MODPModular Exponential Group
MODPMuamalat Officer Development Program (Bank Muamalat Indonesia; Papua, Indonesia)
MODPMinistry of Defence Production (Pakistan)
MODPMinistry of Defence Police (UK)
MODPModern Programming Practice
MODPMulticultural Organization Development Program
MODPMoving Object Detection Program (astronomy)
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In the present study, the maxillary premolar tooth with MODP cavity design was modeled to simulate the worst case scenario for direct restoration methods.
Earlier Managing Director KS and EW, Rear Admiral Ather Saleem in his welcome address thanked Pakistan Navy and MoDP for their continued support.
Earlier, KSEW MD Rear Admiral Ather Saleem, in his welcome address thanked the Pakistan Navy and MoDP for their continued support.
While speaking on the occasion, the chief guest said that "construction of 32 Tons BP Tug is in pursuance of the mission of MoDP towards self-reliance and indigenisation in shipbuilding." He appreciated the efforts of PN and KSandEW in playing a significant role in turning this vision into reality.
From [[alpha].sup.m] [equivalent to] [[beta].sup.m] (modp), we get
[C.sup.2.sub.AO], given a constellation point [X.sub.k,l] [member of] [C.sub.1.sub.AO], then its antipodal point is [X.sub.(k+P/2)(modP),(1+P/2)(modP) [member of] [C.sup.2.sub.AO].
A mesial-occlusal-distal-palatal (MODP) cavity was designed with 2.0 mm sound tissue above cementoenamel junction for the models.
Ali Yassin Mohammad Karim with Minister of Defence Production (MoDP) Rana Tanveer Hussain, a news release here said.
Let [alpha], [beta] be distinct primitive roots of [t.sup.3] = 1 modp. By the assumption concerning the existence of F, we see [M.sub.k]([alpha]) [not equal to] {1} and [M.sub.k] ([beta]) [not equal to] {1}.
where n is the order of a, a is a number for which [a.sup.n] = 1(modp), and p is a prime number.
These parameters are analyst capability (acap), programmer's capability (pcab), application experience (aexp), modern programming practices (modp), use of software tools (tool), virtual memory experience (vexp), language experience (lexp), schedule constraint (seed), main memory constraint (star), database size (data), time constraint for CPU (time), turnaround time (turn), machine volatility (virt), process complexity (cplx), and required software reliability (rely):
In all elliptic curve cryptosystem, the elliptic curve equation is defined as the form of [E.sub.p](a, b): [y.sup.2] = [x.sup.3] + ax + b(modp).