MODQModified Oswestry Disability Questionnaire (physical therapy)
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Several exercise protocols (Ahmed et al., 2014; Franca et al., 2012; Moon et al., 2013; Sertpoyraz et al., 2009), which include conventional home exercises, low back school programs, stretching exercises, and dynamic and concentric isokinetic exercises, decrease MODQ scores.
VAS: Visual Analog Scale, MODQ: Modified Oswestry Disability Questionnaire
Alice randomly chooses [mathematical expression not reproducible], computes [R.sub.A] = [Mr.sub.A] + [2e.sub.1] modq, and sends [R.sub.A] to Bob.
Upon receiving [R.sub.A] from Alice, Bob randomly chooses [mathematical expression not reproducible],computes RB = [r.sup.t.sub.B]M + 2[e.sup.t.sub.2] modq, [k.sub.B] = [r.sup.t.sub.B] x [p.sub.A] + [s.sup.t.sub.B] x [R.sub.A] modq, and [w.sub.B] = cha([k.sub.B]) [member of] {0,1}, and sends ([R.sub.B], [w.sub.B]) to Alice.
Since [p.sub.A] = [Ms.sub.A] + [2e.sub.A] modq [member of] [Z.sup.n.sub.q] and [R.sub.A] = [Mr.sub.A] + [2e.sub.1] modq are random over [Z.sup.n.sub.q], thus
DISCUSSION: This study is intended to find out the effects of SWD with back extensor exercises versus US with back extensor exercises to reduce pain, disability, and improve the quality of life respectively with VAS, ROM and MODQ in case of single level LMD with 4-weeks of physical intervention.
In Group "A" mean [+ or -] SD values for pre-intervention were 5.27[+ or -]0.78, 1.80[+ or -]0.71 & 59.40[+ or -]5.12 for VAS, Lumbar ROM & MODQ respectively where as in Group "B" mean [+ or -] SD values for preintervention were 5.03 [+ or -] 0.93, 1.90 [+ or -] 0.66 & 61.33 [+ or -] 5.48 for VAS, Lumbar ROM & MODQ respectively.
(iii) GHV.Dec(sk, C):givensfc and a ciphertext C [member of] [Z.sup.mxm.sub.q], compute E = [TCT.sup.t](modq).
(iv) GHV.Add([C.sub.1],..., [C.sub.n]): given n ciphertexts, [C.sub.1] = [AS.sub.1] + [pX.sub.1] + [B.sub.1] (modq),..., [C.sub.n] = [AS.sub.n] + p[X.sub.n] + [B.sub.n] (modq), output
Given an instance of the ECDLP problem, for group [G.sub.q] generated by P and a fixed second point Q(= aP) having as input R(= bP) [member of] [G.sub.q], C has to compute for the point S(= cP) [member of] [G.sub.q] such that c = ab(modq) with the help of a ODDH oracle.
[U".sub.i] = [U.sub.i'] (mod p) , [X".sub.i] = [X.sub.i] (modq), [X".sub.i] = [X.sub.i'] (modp).
P[U.sub.l]P[X.sub.l] * [L.sub.1][e.sup.**.sub.1]; ...; [L.sub.d'],[e.sup.**.sub.d']; 0; ...; -] = 0(modq) namely, A * [D * [L.sub.1][e.sup.**.sub.1]; ...; D * [L.sub.d'],[e.sup.**.sub.d']; ...; 0] = 0(modq).