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Other Central European varieties, notably the whites Sylvaner (Silvanske zelene) and Gewurztraminer (Tramin), and the red Portugieser (Portugalske modre), are grown in scattered viticultural pockets.
(7.) Messnarz B, Tilg B, Modre R, Fischer G, Hanser F, Wach P.
Yet we must not place too much credit on such a speculative reading, especially since the Middle English Gesta Romanorum version clearly gives the speech to another heavenly figure, who refers to the Virgin also in the third person: "Be the grete mercy of Iesu Criste, and prayere of hys blessyd modre, and the grete sorowe that she had for here synnes, she [i.e., the daughter] is right wele, and sittes full hye in heauyn blisse, and is as white as lille floure, and as bryght as any golde in Goddis sight." (62) However it might have been dramatized, the main point is that forgiveness has been extended to the deceased and repentant sinner, and that heaven has spoken definitively on this point.
If he wants to be historically and locally correct, the analogical genitive is attested early with comparisons in Old English (Northumbrian) genitive forms "modere" and "modre" from the second half of the 10th century in the Lindisfarne Gospels.
"Hvem lot seg pavirke?: kontantstotten og modres yrkesaktivitet" (Who changed behaviour?
Neelakanta received his PhD degree in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Modres (India) in 1975.