MODSAFModular Semi Automated Forces
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The sensory uncertainty captured in MODSAF means that when they would detect the enemy would vary from run to run.
These models were embedded in MODSAF (Calder et al.
In our early work on this project, we concentrated on the design and development of TACAIR-SOAR and its integration with MODSAF. However, we quickly discovered that we also needed to concentrate on how people will actually use TACAIR-SOAR, which meant integrating it into the existing military operational organizations.
Navy, Marine, and Air Force aircraft, using all the sensors and weapons that had been developed for these aircraft in MODSAF. The sensors included vision, radar, radar-warning receiver, radio communication, IFF (identification of friend of foe), and an ESM (electronic surveillance measure) sensor.
Working with MODSAF: Interfaces for Programs and Users.