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MODSIMModular Simulator
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NADS and Loyola will be presenting the SIMWARE suite during the next edition of MODSIM World 2013, a multi-disciplinary international Modeling and Simulation Conference and Exposition that will take place in the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, VA from April 30 to May 2.
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Several specialized programming languages are used for constructing simulations (for example, SIMULA SirnScript, and MODSIM).
MODSIM 2003: Biennial Congress of Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand, Townsville, http://mssanz.cres.anu.ed u/ modsim2003.html
The hydrology parameters are based on output of the Snake River basin hydrology MODSIM model, which is supported by the BOR.
Although statically created objects may save one level of indirection, many systems, such as MODSIM II, do not even allow for them, and in most of those that do they cannot be associated with polymorphism and dynamic binding.
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