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Based on the measured weather, the atmospheric transmittance can be simulated using the MODTRAN (MODerate resolution atmospheric TRANsmission, program designed to model the atmospheric propagation of electromagnetic radiation for the 0.2 to 100 [micro]m spectral range.
(2005), utilizaram imagens TM - Landsat 5 e observaram diferencas de cerca de 25% entre o albedo determinado utilizando o codigo de transferencia radiativa MODTRAN e o albedo determinado pela metodologia tradicional do SEBAL.
The spectral radiances in the optical range are converted into reflectances after correction for atmospheric effects using MODTRAN radiative transfer code [16].
The tools selected here for generating these benchmark spectra are the three atmospheric codes mentioned earlier: MODTRAN, libRadtran, and SBDART.
Figure 3 presents a typical result from the first step, where the global horizontal irradiances predicted by four models (SMARTS, MODTRAN, libRadtran, and SBDART) are compared for the same set of atmospheric conditions as those that were selected to develop a recent standard spectrum (Gueymard et al.
The transmittances are calculated at 1 nm intervals using the MODTRAN [24] model, a pressure of 1 x [10.sup.5] Pa, a temperature of 25 [degrees]C, and a relative humidity of 30%.