MODUMobile Offshore Drilling Unit
MODUModern Dutch (linguistics)
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Meanwhile, health and safety standards and technology have both improved across the industry, leading to a backlog of orders for new-build MODU.
The Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU) Market 2012-2022 report includes 144 tables, charts and graphs that analyse quantify and forecast the MODU market in detail from 2012-2022 at the global level, four submarkets and for 7 regional markets.
It builds on the existing Hull Inspection and maintenance Program (HIMP) requirements that several operators have adopted, taking a more holistic approach to the overall management of the MODU.
The software allows designers to efficiently check against ABS MODU Rules in order to meet classification requirements.
Quotation are invited for supply of stores to vessel MODU SAGAR BHUSHAN at KAKINADA PORT
Zenith Energy with the help of its experienced well engineering personnel, well delivery process and HSEQ management systems, completed the project safely and within AFE, using the Atwood Beacon Jack Up MODU.
Fugro has inked a new contract with Dana Petroleum to supply ROV drilling support service on board the Ocean Guardian MODU.
However, DW expects MODU rig day rates to continue to fall to 2017 as contracts expire.
The Maritime Protection system is configured and developed in line with IMO SOLAS regulations and the MODU Code, and is shipped with all essential class approval certificates.