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MODYMaturity-Onset Diabetes of the Young
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"There is an increasing recognition that hospital environments play an important role in transmission of pathogens," Mody said.
"Diabetes spread through 'evolution'" is the alliterative term we choose to describe monogenic diabetes, including the various forms of MODY. These conditions are not contagious, but are certainly transmissible across generations, and hence fit the definition of CD.
Insulin treatment was stopped and low-dose sulfonylurea (5.0 mg/day in two doses) initiated as soon as the diagnosis of MODY 1 was made.
He recently shared those memories during a talk in Sharjah hosted by Shaikh Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi, well-known writer and founder of the Barjeel Art Foundation at his home, The Citadel, which was also designed by Mody. Sultan is spearheading a major research project that will culminate in a book, Building Sharjah to be published in 2020, which chronicles the modern architecture of Sharjah from the 1960s to the 1980s.
More than 40 years on, Mody has returned to the birthplace of some of his earliest creations to reminisce about life then; a time when the architectural scene in the country was in its infancy.
Seven hundred and one patients were diagnosed with T1D (84%), 48 with T2D (5.7%), 44 with clinical MODY (5.3%) and 42 with other types of diabetes (5%) (Table 1).
As noted above, HNF4A-MODY (MODY 1) and HNF1A-MODY (MODY 3) are generally associated with the classic MODY features while GCK-MODY (MODY 2) has been recognized as a milder variant.
Miss S, a 19-year-old woman, presented to antenatal clinic at 19 weeks gestation for a first consultation because of a preexisting hepatocyte nuclear factor [alpha] (HNF-1[alpha]) mutation causing MODY 3 diabetes.
Mody covers everything from good design and mistakes that can happen to software design, manufacturing leadership, effective quality management, sampling plans and statistical control charts.
These days, Mody, 32, and his wife live in Brooklyn, New York, where he no longer has a doctor in the family who lives nearby.
But the clout of the casino owner Jaydev Mody is so great that he "persuaded" the Goa government to cut back the entry fee of the off-shore casinos and bring it on par with the on-shore casino.
Zia Mody, 59, is the last word on corporate M&As, securities law and private equity in India.