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MODY4Maturity-Onset Diabetes of the Young, Type IV
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Several subtypes of MODY have been described in women with GDM, including MODY2 (mutation in glucokinase gene), MODY3 (mutation in hepatocyte nuclear factor 1a), and MODY4 (mutation in insulin promoter factor 1) [22].
Genetic defects in six genes are known to cause MODY: the hepatocyte nuclear factor-4[alpha]: HNF-4[alpha]/(MODY1); glucokinase: GCK/(MODY2); the hepatocyte nuclear factor-1[alpha]: HNF-1[alpha]/(MODY3); insulin promoter factor-1: IPFl/ (MODY4); hepatocyte nuclear factor-1[beta]: HNF-1[beta]/(MODY5); and transcriptional factor, neurogenic differentiation1: Neuro-D1/(MODY 6) (3-5).
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