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MOEMobile (Amtrak station code; Mobile, AL)
MOEMAD (Magnetic Anomoly Detection) Operational Effectiveness
MOEMinistry of Education
MOEMaintenance of Effort
MOEMargin Of Error
MOEMinistry Of Environment
MOEMinistry of Energy (various nations)
MOEMaintenance of Equipment (transportation)
MOEModel of Excellence (various organizations)
MOEMeasure Of Effectiveness
MOEMinister of Economy (various locations)
MOEModern English (linguistics)
MOEMeans of Escape
MOEMargin of Exposure
MOEModulus of Elasticity
MOEMagpul Original Equipment (firearm accessories)
MOEMaintenance and Operating Expenses (various organizations)
MOEMantle of the Expert (teaching approach)
MOEMetro Optical Ethernet
MOEMulticontrol over Ethernet
MOEMail over Ethernet
MOEManagement over Ethernet
MOEMultimedia over Ethernet
MOEMicrosoft Office Enterprise
MOEMall of the Emirates (Dubai)
MOEMoney Over Everything (song title)
MOEMethod of Entry
MOEMinorities of Europe (UK)
MOEManufacturer Original Equipment
MOEMasters of Education
MOEMerger of Equals (investment banking)
MOEMethod Of Evaluation
MOEMetro Optical Ethernet (access piece for Ethernet service)
MOEMask of Eternity (game)
MOEMaintenance Organization Exposition (Canada)
MOEMalignant Otitis Externa
MOEMajor Organizational Entity
MOEMean Output Energy
MOEMajor Outage Event (electrical blackout)
MOEMoving Optical Element
MOEMovement of Extremities
MOEManagement Operating Environment
MOEManufacturing Operating Expense
MOEMeasure of Evaluation (source selection)
MOEMessage-Overlap Estimator
MOEMaterial Obligation Established
MOEMinimize Output Energy
MOEMinimal Output Energy
MOEMinimum Operable Equipment
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Since the murdered woman's "crime" was her refusal to provide first aid to a prep cook, Moe visits the restaurant himself.
Borten Moe (34) who is from the Centre Party did not name any proposal during his first working day in the new position, but he has previously voiced ideas to build a gas-fired power plant in central Norway, if necessary without CO2-handling.
It was this violent nature which led Moe to being charged with three killings.
Field Manual (FM) 3-0, Operations, provides a similar explanation of the terms MOP and MOE. FM 3-0 states that "measures of performance answer the question, "Was the task or action performed as the commander intended?" A measure of performance confirms or denies that a task has been properly performed." For MOEs, FM 3-0 states "measures of effectiveness focus on the results or consequences of actions taken.
Moe: Benicio Del Toro; Larry: Sean Penn; Curly: Jim Carrey
In Virginia, Moe's state of residence, it's the Marshall/Newman Amendment that sought to change the Constitution this past November, attempting to strip not just gay rights, but human rights.
MOE has also implemented a five-year program to equip second-generation immigrants with language skills that will improve their competitive edge.
The MOE added that the six pages will not be sufficient to master jawi, but is more to enhance one's knowledge of history, art and heritage of BM.
MoE has said that these jobs were limited to availability of vacancies in private schools.
On one occasion, Hodson sent bespoke jewellery to Moe in a jiffy bag.
The most comforting baseball sight for Rams Nation had to be that of the mountainous Moe on a hill.