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Part 3 of the Moebius Principle consists mainly of correspondence and commentary via a rare glimpse into the person of David Bohm.
Nobody knows what causes Moebius or why it strikes when it does.
Assume that M(z) = [delta]z - [beta]/-[gamma]z + [alpha] is a Moebius transformation determined as in Theorem 2.3 to map the unit circle onto the real axis in the complex plane.
In order to explain this idea, Rosen uses the Moebius strip, a topological structure that has one side but also has an inside and an outside.
These differences serve to locate the regimes of the two countries in rather different positions on the Moebius strip, despite the general historical trends identified in the previous part of this Article.
Clearly informed by UN Studio's ongoing formal and conceptual experiments with Moebius strips that spawned the eponymous Moebius House in Amsterdam (AR September 1999), this new dwelling is also conceived as a fluid circuit of space.
George Read is one of just 200 people in the UK who have Moebius syndrome, a condition which paralyses facial muscles.
For "The Moebius Strip," he invented a system called "organically organized movement" where the focus is on the freedom of the dancer within a system of pre-defined rules.
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I've always been into comic books, but when I saw Moebius' artwork I just couldn't take my eyes off the page.