MOEEMinistry of Environment and Energy (Government of Ontario)
MOEEMinistry of Energy and Environment (Ontario, Canada)
MOEEMinimal Observable Energy Expenditure (nutrition study)
MOEEMinistry of Energy and Electricity (Egypt)
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Pre-empting: using two Industry posting notice strategies concurrently, one of proposed MOEE within and one outside a instruments on EBR regulation, to circumvent Enviromental Registry aspects of the regualtion that while also negotiating constrain an organization's likely outcome of decision-making latitude.
The DPHS and MOEE report to different levels of government, although both share responsibility for a number of acute and chronic environmental concerns.
A 1992 MOEE inventory of all Ontario dump sites placed the Belle Island dump in the category of greatest concern for environmental impact.
Stella Couban, of the MOEE legal services branch, explains that "the Investigations and Enforcement Branch [IEB] were at the mercy of huge cutbacks under the Harris government.
Ray Clement, MCIC, MOEE, chaired the session and he stated, "It will become more evident as years roll on that technology transfer will become critical for university researchers.
Numerous MOEE individual awards were also handed out.
15 "Industry Proposal to Help Finance Blue Box Programs" (Toronto: MOEE News Release,June 8, 1994).
MOEE spokesman Aktham Abouelela told the Daily News Egypt that the building site will be turned over to the engineering corps in a week.
7) Personal communication, David McRobert, former MOEE Waste Reduction Office official, March 14, 1996; and personal communication, Marilyn Churley, former minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations, March 18, 1996.
Earlier this month, the ministry denied accusations of corruption leveled against it by former Petroleum Minister Osama Kamal during an interview with state-owned Al-Ahram in which he said that an "electricity mafia" with ties to the MOEE had imported 31 used power stations as new ones.
in an interview with the newspaper titled "Corruption in the Ministry of Electricity," Kamal said that an "electricity mafia" with ties to the MOEE had imported 31 used power stations as new ones.
MOEE has shortlisted 82 developers for constructing 13 small-to-medium-scale solar photovoltaic facilities (upto 20MW) and 69 large-scale solar photovoltaic facilities (from 20MW to 50MW).