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Bazilevich supplies valuable information on the poem's history and various attributions concerning the question of its addressee: "Avtograf'Chto v imeni tebe moem?'" Literaturnoe nasledstvo, vol.
The first line, "V prostom uglu moem, sred' medlennykh trudov" (In my simple corner, amidst slow-going work), shows the humility of the poet's home.
During ESRES Phase 1 (September 2015 - August 2018), the programme supported the Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MoEM) to develop a policy and regulatory framework and implemented a pilot to establish six hybrid mini-grids that are now fully operational across Somaliland.
(56) The main subtexts of "Zvuk ostorozhnyi i glukhoi" would appear to be Pushkin's 1830-1831 poems "Ekho" and "Chto v imeni tebe moem?" (57) The first verse of the latter poem contains the lines most important for understanding Mandel'shtam's poem:
MoEM bans and shall prevent the entry into the country of the unregistered equipment, that has not approved by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals.
82 79 MOEM Pipeline LLC 95 80 Enbridge Pipelines (Toledo)Inc.
87 88 MOEM Pipeline LLC 19,100 19,100 88 89 Coastal Pipeline Co.
Optics / optical component technology and materials / micro-optics components moems optical fibres and passive integrated optics
On the basis of end-use industry broad ion beam technology market is segmented into semiconductor, MEMS, MOEMS, optics, optoelectronics, sensors, storage devices, electronics and others.
VTT says its tuneable filter technology can also be integrated with any camera sensor without significantly increasing its cost or size--with high-volume production, the sensor cost including the camera optics could be less than $20, according to VTT, and the core component, the micro-opto-electro-mechanical (MOEMS) chip, could cost less than one dollar.
(2) Key Laboratory of MOEMS of the Ministry of Education, Tianjin University 300072, China
Dai, "New developments at Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt in three-dimensional atomic force microscopy with tapping and torsion atomic force microscopy mode and vector approach probing strategy," Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS, vol.