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MOEMSMathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (est. 1977)
MOEMSMath Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (Bellmore, NY)
MOEMSMicro-Optical-Electrical-Mechanical System
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Microstructures, MEMS and MOEMS are all exciting area of technological activity and are being used in an increasingly wide range of new applications and industries.
Building on the established foundation and successes of the first Lab4MEMS project, the extension features ST as the coordinating partner, offering its complete range of manufacturing, technical, and organizational competencies to guide Europe s efforts to secure leadership in high-potential MOEMS.
The DH0485A extends Teledyne DALSA's industry leading MEMS and MOEMS capability and provides a cost-effective solution for Optical MEMS.
The Program Committee is seeking participants to present recent research results at the symposium on topics such as business issues, markets, packaging, assembly, interconnection and microsystems technology (MEMS, MOEMS, optoelectronics, sensors and actuators).
Leading Independent Pure-Play MEMS Foundry on 150mm & 200mm Wafers Teledyne DALSA has extensive experience with advanced fabrication strategies and a profound understanding of the physics and materials science that make rapid new product introductions of MEMS and MOEMS possible.
Its use should be particularly suited to R & D and pre-production in the field of MEMS, MOEMS.