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MOERMaking Our Economy Right (est. 1991; India)
MOERMinistry of Education and Research (various nations)
MOERMaking Our Environment Right (Boston MA)
MOERMinistry of Economy and Reforms (Moldova)
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The Whiston park was later named in honour of its twin town, which can boast of its attractive green areas similar to those seen in Stadt Moers Park.
As Moers said, Korea is emerging as a lucrative market for not only Mercedes-Benz but also AMG.
"We sell emotions and sound is really a crucial part of emotion so what we do is work on artificial sounds because you have to," stated Moers.
Brian, who went on to become a civil servant, scored two goals - one a tap-in after a free kick from Graham came back off the bar -- and they think the final result was County Durham 6-4 Kreis Moers.
Moers was chosen to represent the brand from among thousands of therapists at the company's more than 950 locations nationwide.
INEOS will also continue to operate the Maleic Anhydride plant at the Moers site for the ongoing joint venture between Sasol and Huntsman.
Laura Feldt's "Monstrous Identities: Narrative Strategies in 'Lugale' and Some Reflections on Sumerian Religious Narrative"; Moers' article noted above; Joan Goodnick Westenholz's "Narrative and Framing Strategies in Old Babylonian Akkadian Literature," in which she compares "Atrahasis" and "Sargon the Conquering Hero"; and Ewa Zakrzewska's "Masterplots and Martyrs: Narrative Techniques in Bohairic Hagiography" all use narratology to inform their thinking, reflecting one of the goals for the whole volume and its underlying conference: dialogue among scholars of different ancient Near Eastern literatures.
The South West were up against a Belgium select team, Eindhoven (Holland), Moers (Germany), Sherbrooke (Canada) and Swindon.
Mellor sped to victory in 29:46 at Stadt Moers Park, to leave Ben Russell (30:33) and Lee Siemaszco (30:45) in the places.
I had hoped to have Lynn Moers join me on stage and discuss his sailing experiences.'s general manager and senior VP, Andrew Moers, said that the presence of on the Opera browser would introduce to millions of users world wide, bringing them to the ninth largest web property in the world.
Dr August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG, Bielegeld, has acquired the privately-owned dairy company Onken GmbH, Moers.