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MOFMicrosoft Operations Framework
MOFMinistry Of Finance (Japan)
MOFMinistry of Food (various locations)
MOFMethod of Finance (various organizations)
MOFMeta Object Facility
MOFManaged Object Format
MOFMetal Office Furniture
MOFMeilleur Ouvrier de France (French: Best Craftsman of France; national award)
MOFMinistry of Forests
MOFMan on Fire
MOFMetal-Organic Framework
MOFMoment of Force
MOFMaximum Operating Frequency
MOFMorph File
MOFMeta Object Format
MOFMatter of Fact
MOFMultiple Organ Failure
MOFMountain of Faith (video game)
MOFMonsters of Folk (band)
MOFMale or Female
MOFMulti Organ Failure
MOFMuseum of Flight
MOFMissile Operations Flight
MOFMarutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks Co., Ltd. (Japan)
MOFMagic of Faerun (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
MOFMagneto-Optical Filter
MOFMaintenance Operations Flight
MOFMetal Oxide Film (resistor)
MOFMensch Ohne Freunde (German)
MOFMinister of Finance Inc. (Malaysia)
MOFMaximum Observed Frequency
MOFMarriage of Figaro (Mozart opera)
MOFMistake of Fact
MOFMonsters of Faerun (Dungeons & Dragons book)
MOFMagician of Faith (Yugioh card game)
MOFMidnight Organ Fight (Frightened Rabbit album)
MOFMaster Ordering Facility
MOFMinistry of Fun
MOFMargin of Failure (games)
MOFManned Orbital Flight
MOFMethod Of Fire
MOFMaterial Outstanding File
MOFMultiple Option Facility
MOFMask On Forehead (SCUBA diving)
MOFMagnetics on Film (Advanced Photographic System)
MOFMulti-Option Fuze
MOFMobile Operations Facility (NASA)
MOFMaster of Frags
MOFMarine Offloading Facility
MOFMarching on in Frequency (algorithm)
MOFMy Online Friends
MOFMessengers of Fear Crew
MOFMake on Fall (temperature management)
MOFMemories of Father (relationships)
MOFManpower & Organization Flight (US Air Force)
MOFMonths of Flying (flight seniority)
MOFMinimum Order Fee
MOFMeasure of Fit
MOFMavens of Fashion (fashion industry social networking)
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Al-Khoori added that MoF is keen to organise a series of events associated with the World Government Summit to help it become the most important international forum discussing the prospects and challenges of governments worldwide.
Yaghi is a pioneer in metal-organic frameworks, which are solids with so many internal channels and holes that a sugar-cube-size MOF might have an internal surface area the size of six football fields.
Younis Haji Al Khouri, undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance stressed MoF's commitment to developing and enhancing its service operations.
Their work verified that binding is occurring at the "hook" sites in the MOF. Due to its chemical and thermal stability, high capture efficiency, and low cost, the new MOF adsorbent demonstrates promise for industrial radioactive organic iodine capture from nuclear energy or treatment of legacy environmental clean-up sites.
The FSC may resort to the financial and taxation task force of the Executive Yuan (the Cabinet) to iron outs its difference with the MOF over the issue.
The study by Yali Dou, Ph.D., and her team at the University of Michigan shows that Mof plays a key role in the "epigenetics" of stem cells, i.e., helping stem cells read and use their DNA.
The chefs were Phillipe Bertrand, MOF chocolatier and director of the Chocolate Academy of Barry Callebaut France, Arnaud Larher, MOF pastry and chocolate and holder of "four Bars" degree with the "Croqueurs de Chocolat" association and Laurent Duchene, MOF pastry and confectionary and member of the Relais et Chateaux worldwide association.
2Y OVDPs received just two bids totalling UAH250mn at the market level yield of 10% (not 9% presumably targeted by the MoF).
It will provide the MoF with a 200% increase in performance while reducing operating costs by 30%.
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are nanoporous materials that can be used for gas capture.
THAI shall announce the entitlement ratio to existing shareholders (excluding the MOF) on the same date as the announcement of the final offering price.
Schlei and others contended that the bonds were issued by the MOF to conceal the huge amounts of cash sloshing around Tokyo.