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The high production values of Korean cinema can be traced directly to the advanced level of visual effects technology and infrastructure exemplified in the work of the Korean firms Macrograph, Digital Tetra (DTI), Footage, HFR and MOFAC. Those values are showcased in domestic films such as Old Boy (2003), A Tale Of Two Sisters (2003), The King and the Clown (2005), The Host (2006), The Divine Weapon (2007), The Good, the Bad, the Weird (2008), Tidal Wave (2009, aka Haeundae) and the 3D film Sector Seven (2011).
Hwang; editor, Go Im-pyo; music, Jo Seong-woo; production designer, Lee Myung-se; art directors, Lee Hyeong-ju, Jo Geun-hyeon; costume designer, Jeong Gyeong-heui; makeup, Hwang Hyeon-gyu; sound (Dolby Digital), Park Jun-oh; special effects, Jang Sung-ho (MoFac Studio); martial arts choreography, Jeon Mun-shik; assistant directors, Gu Sang-beom, Lee Se-ryeon, Kim Jung-geon.
Camera (color, widescreen), Kim Hyeong-gu; editor, Park Gok-ji; music, Lee Jae-jin; production designer, Hisao Inagaki; art director, Shin Jeom-heui; costume designers, Junko Katsumata, Jeong Wook-jun, Kim Gyeong-oh, Lee Jeong-gi; sound (Dolby Digital), Han Cheol-heui, Choi Tae-yeong; visual effects, MoFac Studio; visual effects supervisol, Jang Seong-ho; stunt co-ordinator, Jeong Du-hong, Yu Sang-seob; script consultant, Sakahiro Gotone; associate producers, Kim Seon-ah, Haruo Umekawa.