mOFCMedial Orbito-Frontal Cortex (brain)
mOFCMidwest Organic Farmers Cooperative
mOFCMarket Overton Free Church (Rutland, England, UK)
mOFCMini of Fairfield County (car dealership; Stamford, CT)
mOFCMinistry of Fisheries and Cooperatives (International Fund for Agricultural Development; Mauritius)
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The researchers used structural MRIs to look at various regions of the brain known to be related to olfaction and spatial memory and found that participants who were good at both spatial navigation and identifying smells tended to have a bigger right hippocampus (an area of the brain known to be involved in long-term memory) and a thicker left mOFC.
Thus, the ventral areas within the rat vmPFC could represent a functional counterpart for the mOFC in humans (Ongiir & Price 2000).
Comparably, the ratios of debt servicing were 28.62 per cent and 28.46 per cent respectively in these two fiscal years (MOFb 2001 and MOFc 2002).