MOFEPMinistry of Finance and Economic Planning (Accra, Ghana)
MOFEPMissouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project
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Evidence from the review of policy and programmatic documents also revealed that the regional administration plays a critical role in pay determination through pay processing for final approval by the MoFEP. (32) However, regarding the pay levels, the existing pay policy which took effect from January 2010 vested the authority to determine pay levels in the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission of Ghana which is centrally managed at the national level.
Additionally, MOFEP will allow scientists to document how Ozark forest change over time with no human intervention.
The MoFEP, with support from the Ghana Oil and Gas Inclusive Growth (GOGIG), organised the workshop which was attended by Municipal and District chief executives, financial officers and coordinating directors drawn from the Municipal and District assemblies in the region.
Landforms, geology, and soils of the MOFEP study area.
"Since there was no contract where the pay-back period was supposed to have been stipulated, there was no loan repayment schedule, and as such MoFEP to date has not done anything to recover this loan.
Mr Yamoah pointed out that the office would support the Bank of Ghana (BoG), Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MOFEP) and other stakeholders in finalising work and implementing repurchase agreement transactions on the Ghana Fixed Income Market (GFIM).
"In SSLA [Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly], one employee collected two salaries for four months," the reports notes, adding that, "In MoFEP [Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, 63 officials collected salary without being on the nominal roll." The Auditor General, however, maintains the onus is now on the President and the National Assembly to take further actions on the findings of the report.
Address : MDBS Secretariat, MoFEP Main Building, Fourth Floor (Room 426)
The regional government said it is determined to set up a functioning unit within the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MOFEP) as part of fiscal decentralization efforts, to deal with intergovernmental fiscal relations and to ensure that actions of local government, especially in terms of borrowing, do not impact negatively on the national budget.
This component will support the establishment of a predictable and transparent fiscal framework for local governance, through assisting Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MoFEP) to develop the intergovernmental fiscal framework, introduce local government public financial management reforms in five key areas, and manage the overall system of intergovernmental fiscal relations.
Address : MoFEP Main Building, Fourth Floor (Room 426)