MOFSMultiple Organ Failure Syndrome
MOFSMinistry of Sound
MOFSMedia Optimized File System
MOFSMinistry of Fun Suppression (humor)
MOFSMaintenance Of Flying Skills
MOFSMinistry of Forest Services
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A specific inflammatory sequence, involving inflammatory signals dependent from TNF-[alpha] and IL-8, monocyte, and endothelial activation, contributes to the unfavourable evolution of severe MOFS developed during the first weeks after MCS therapy.
MOFs consist of a matrix structure of metallic and organic molecules
BASF research scientists developed a process by which aluminum MOFs can be manufactured solvent-free on an industrial scale for the very first time.
"The work to meet the initial goal of attaching the MOFs to fibers was sponsored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.
Three sections from each of three different levels for both ovaries were scored for the presence and numbers of MOFs and any alterations in ovarian histology (total of 18 sections scored per mouse).
The mechanism for transferring data from a MOFS disk to an APB varies with the relative locations of the disk and the APB.
However, it's more difficult for larger materials and nanoparticles such as MOFs to penetrate roots.
Alpha-fetoprotein was determined after labeling by iron based metal organic framework (MOFs) [64].
Metalorganic frameworks (MOFs) consist of a class of compounds on the rise and have been extensively studied in recent years due to their various interesting properties and consequently numerous applications.
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are a class of porous crystalline materials that are constructed from judiciously designed multi-dentate organic linkers and discrete metal ions/clusters (1,2).