MOFSCMinistry of Forests and Soil Conservation (Kathmandu, Nepal)
MOFSCMandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club (Australia)
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Meanwhile, officials at MoFSC said that the ministry has put forth a proposal to the Ministry of Finance requesting the latter to allocate Rs.
Data collection for the carbon stock estimation was carried out following two guidelines, those published by the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation under the Government of Nepal, (MoFSC 2014) and the Guideline for Measuring Carbon Stock in Community Managed Forest (ANSAB/FECOFUN/ICIMOD 2010).
The above-ground tree biomass (AGTB) of each tree was calculated using the allometric equation suggested by ANSAB/FECOFUN/ICIMOD (2010) and MoFSC (2014).
The soil bulk densities were calculated from the soil samples of 3 stratums (0-10 cm, 10-20 cm, 20-30 cm) following MoFSC (2014).