MOGTTModified Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
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MMSE scores were available for 21 of the 26 known diabetic subjects, 218 of the 230 subjects agreeing to a MOGTT, and 80 of the 106 subjects who refused to have a MOGTT; missing MMSE scores were due to death, emigration or refusal to answer the questionnaire.
The finding that subjects newly found to be diabetic had a lower prevalence of cognitive impairment is interesting; possibly cognitively impaired undiagnosed diabetic subjects did not volunteer for the MOGTT causing a recruitment bias.
The most significant association in the date was that subjects refusing a MOGTT were more likely to refuse MMSE [Mantel Haenszel [X.sup.2] = 11.3, p = 0.0008; odds ratio 4.1 (95% CI 1.8-9.2)].