MOHCWMinistry of Health and Child Welfare (Zimbabwe)
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However, positive socioeconomic changes precipitated by the 2008 abandonment of the local currency prompted the government to chart a new course with regard to an integrated HIS (MOHCW, 2009).
ATOC Agora of techno-organizational change BoA Biography of artefacts CAS Complex adaptive system DHIS 2 District health information software EHT Environmental health technician ERP Enterprise resource planning HIS Health information system HISP SA South African Health Information Systems Program MoHCC Ministry of Health and Child Care MOHCW Ministry of Health and Child Welfare NMCP National Malaria Control Program UNAgency United Nations Agency WHO World Health Organisation ZimHISP Zimbabwe Health Information Systems Project
The MoHCW policy of free care at clinic level has not been applied uniformly by local government and mission clinics.
[17] TARSC and MoHCW, Equity Watch: assessing progress towards equity in health in Zimbabwe, EQUINET Harare, 2011.
KII interviews with a representative from MoHCW supported the aforementioned notion.