MOHELAMissouri Higher Education Loan Authority
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The company partnered with AOS to address MOHELA's WAN optimisation needs.
Additionally, the universities in their districts were punished for their "secularist representatives" by being cut out from any share of the MOHELA boodie.
At a "No Human Cloning" rally in the state capitol during the session, demonstrators took aim at state use of MOHELA money for stem cell research and demanded the overturn of the Nov.
MOHELA helps borrowers manage student loans by providing information, advice, assistance, access to programs, and payment services.
The large volume of PDFs MOHELA generates each month posed a significant challenge.
We thought we were going to have to ask for an extension on the due dateand that would not have gone over very well, says Barry Usry, Senior Manager of Product Development at MOHELA. Ultimately, we felt most comfortable with the OpenText solution.
With only six weeks to go before the deadline, MOHELA brought OpenText on board.
Collateral Performance for MOHELA 2010-3: Fitch assumes a base case default rate of 28.5% and an 85.5% default rate under the 'AAA' credit stress scenario.
As of July 2017, 4.76% and 2.83% of the trust student loans are indexed to 91-day T-bill for MOHELA 2010-2 and MOHELA 2010-3, respectively.
Payment Structure for MOHELA 2010-2: Credit enhancement (CE) is provided by overcollaterization and excess spread.
Acceptable Servicing Capabilities: Higher Education Loan Authority of the State of Missouri (MOHELA) services 100% of the 2010-2 portfolio.
Maturity Risk: The Rating Watch Negative action is based on the heightened risk of the MOHELA 2013-1 notes missing its legal final maturity date of May 25, 2032, which would result in an event of default.