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MOHOSTModel of Human Occupation Screening Tool
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When clients are rated with the MOHOST in this study, do they show valid response patterns?
Does the MOHOST reliably separate clients along the continuum, from less to more occupational participation?
Nine occupational therapists were invited to participate in the study as they were using the MOHOST routinely in their practice.
Alongside this, each therapist completed an additional MOHOST with clients from their caseload.
Table 2 provides item fit statistics, calibrations and standard errors for the items of the MOHOST (version 1.0).
This indicates that clients rated by therapists using the MOHOST (version 1.0) fit the measurement model; that is, the people rated in this study had valid response patterns and were adequately measured by the MOHOST (version 1.0).
Therapists were analysed to examine whether they used the MOHOST (version 1.0) scale in a valid manner (see Table 4).