MOHRSMedal of Honor: Rising Sun (game)
MOHRSMissouri House Rabbit Society (Greenwood, MO)
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"Perhaps," said Willoughby, "his observations may have extended to the existence of nabobs, gold mohrs, and palanquins."
Request for quotations : Services for the quantitative determination of elastic and strength properties of rocks, the construction of mohrs strength passports for the purpose of subsequent calibration of the geomechanical model and design of hydraulic fracturing
Mohrs et al., "Alternative macrophage activation is essential for survival during schistosomiasis and downmodulates T helper 1 responses and immunopathology," Immunity, vol.
1)MOC of bend : - API 5L Graded B , M.S; Specification of ceramic til es : - Thickness= 15mm, weld able with plug, 95% alumina for ceramic tile, Hardness = 09 on mohrs scale, Colour = white, Fusion temp.
Tenders are invited for Tender Of Supply of Laboratory items, Mohrs salt, Phenol, Formaldehyde, Acetyle chloride, Sodium sulfide, Litmus solution, Dietyl ether, Carbon ferochloride, Zinc Sulphate, Ferrous Sulphate, Sodium sulfide, Lead nitrute, Distilled water, Millions reagent, Oxalic acid, Whatmann No.1 filter paper, etc.
It sounds like something out of a supermarket tabloid--"Woman Gives Birth to Triplets 21 Months Apart." Yet that's exactly what happened to Jane Mohr, 38, of Manhattan Beach Calif., when she gave birth November 29, 1988 to two daughters nearly two years after the birth of her son, Cooper Patrick Mohr.
This point is beautifully illustrated in Berger and Mohr's book A Fortunate Man.[26]