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MOIMinistry of Information (various locations)
MOIMoment Of Inertia
MOIMinistry of Investment (various locations)
MOIMoment of Inspiration (3D modeling software)
MOIMethod of Instruction
MOIMedium of Instruction (education)
MOIMothers of Invention (band)
MOIMultiplicity of Infection
MOIMolecules of Interest
MOIMethod of Implementation
MOIMen of Integrity (ministry)
MOIMethod of Inspection (various companies)
MOIMinistry of the Interior
MOIMinistry of Industry (Vietnam)
MOIMechanism Of Injury
MOIMechanism of Injury (medical reports)
MOIMine of Information
MOIMemorandum of Intent
MOIMen of Issachar (ministry)
MOIMemorandum of Information
MOIMars Orbit Insertion
MOIMemorandum Of Instruction
MOIModel Identification
MOIMarine Officer Instructor
MOIMode of Inheritance (genetics)
MOIMemorandum of Insurance
MOIMode of Infection
MOIMultiple on Investment (finance)
MOIMeteorological Organization of Iran
MOIMinority Owned Institution
MOImoiety of infection
MOIMedical Optical Imaging
MOIMaintenance Operating Instruction
MOIMachine Operating Instructions
MOIMessage of Intent
MOIMissing on Induction
MOIMilitary Occupational Information
MOIManner of Infection
MOIModern Optical Instrumentation (China State Key Laboratory)
MOIMode of Inoculation
MOIMost Outstanding Intern
MOIMedia of Inspection
MOIMitcham Orchestra Inc. (South Australia)
MOIMachinery Operation Instruction
MOIModel Operating Instruction
MOIManner of Inoculation
MOIMessage Of Operational Intent
MOIMarketing Operations Interface
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Moi has missed having a secondary sport in the winter.
RAW macrophages were cultured in 24-well flat-bottomed cell culture plates (1 x [10.sup.6]/mL) and infected with BCG Pasteur at MOI 1 or MOI 0.1 along 2, 5, 18, 24, 30, 48, and 72 hours (h) at 37[degrees]C in a humidified atmosphere containing 5% C[O.sub.2].
founder and CEO of MOI. McGinley is incubating his business in the Wyoming Technology Business Center's incubator in Casper.
These shuras, the first of their kind, are attended by facilities maintenance staff from provinces throughout a region together with MoI Facilities Department leadership.
Moi hinges her study on a revaluation of the endurance of the Schillerian notion of aesthetic idealism.
NMC spokesman Craig Turton said Moi's resignation decision "was entirely her own".
After years of feeling powerless, Kibaki's victory over Uhuru Kenyatta, who was Moi's chosen successor, has given ordinary people the sense that they are the ones in control.
Recognizing the importance of MOI for bat performance, the NCAA supplemented their impact testing with restrictions on the weight and the MOI of bats.
'We are tired of Moi,' sighed 25-year old Fred Odhiambo, who was one year old when Moi became president.
He had chosen Moi, then a political lightweight from a minority tribe, as his successor by appointing him Vice - President.
In a statement issued in Nairobi, Moi said he had relieved Saitoti of the vice presidency and his ministerial portfolio, but did not name a replacement.