MOICMedical Officer In-Charge
MOICMinistry of Information and Communications (Nepal)
MOICMultiple of Invested Capital
MOICMissile Ordnance Inhibit Circuit
MOICMinistry of International Cooperation (Egypt)
MOICModern Icelandic (linguistics)
MOICMethod of Instruction Course
MOICMilitary Oceanographic Intelligence Center
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Officiating Secretary of MoIC and Director General of Road Safety and Transport Authority, Pemba Wangchuk, said one of the initiatives to increase public transport is to connect all Dzongkhags to Thimphu with public transport services.
He underscored the success of investing in the Kingdom's eco-tourism sector, which has provided promising opportunities for the private sector, such as the national plan to revive the pearl industry, launched by the BTEA in partnership with MOIC in November 2017.
MoIC spokesman, Musafir Qoqandi, said currently heavily loaded ships are sailing to the port with the capacity of over 60 tons of goods.
When looking to incorporate an entity in Bahrain with the MOIC, relevant commercial activities need to be selected.
Had these four companies been sold separately, they would have generated a 2x aggregate gross MOIC in constant euros (1.7x after accounting for FX losses).
These provide both qualitative and quantitative analyses of the way citizens are responding to the rapidly changing media environment (MoIC, 2003: MoIC, 2008: MoIC, 2013).
Statistics from Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) show that more than 55 per cent of SMEs in Bahrain are active in trade and repairs, manufacturing sectors while only a minority is active in technology related businesses indicating a mismatch between sectors that require funding and sectors that are actually financed by established financing institutions.
However, lack of clarity among the Medical Officers In-charge (MOIC), Civil Surgeons or Assistant Chief Medical Officers (ACMO), prevents proper utilization of these funds.
MANAMA: ARAB NEWSA visit by a Bahrain business delegation, coordinated by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) and the Economic Development Board (EDB), concluded with a series of business meetings and events in New Delhi and Mumbai.
Jacob Baker and John Spears (2) scored for Stobby, with Alastair Moic for Medicals.
Otros organos destacados en el correcto funcionamiento de los medios son el Ministerio de Informacion y Cultura (MoIC) encargado de dar licencias a las radios y televisiones y gestionar los medios publicos y el Media and Information Center (GMIC) (6).
AUBURN - If summer basketball is all about getting better for the winter season, then fans of MOIC Cultural Center - made up of players from Main South - and Hopedale have a lot to look forward to.