MOISSMolecular Integration and Sampling Software (biochemistry)
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Versagen ich den luden, soe en hain ich des winterdaichs geyn werck, Niet Tzo myn, got moiss vur gayn," letter nr.
When intervening, in his defense, Deputy Moiss Borges apologized to the Cape Verdeans for the incident that, according to him, was involuntarily involved since he reacted to a physical aggression.
In coincidence, the deputies Betty Gil, Gladys Moiss and Sebastin Domnguez explained that this department is a weak area for minors.
Tenders are invited for technical assistance for the coordination of health and safety of the work inadequation in bathrooms and creation of two boxes isolated from the daily hospital area, in basement 1 of the hospital center sant joan desp moiss broggi, of the integral health consortium
The guests also included Vice-President of the Island Council and Tourism Minister Blas Acosta, Mayor of Pjara Rafael Perdomo, Councillor Marisol Placeres and Managing Director of the Tourism Association Moiss Jorge Naranjo.
Sergio Fo, professor at the University of Torino, Italy; Professor Roberto Viciano, from the University of Valencia, Spain; and the director of the Center for Studies in Criminal Policy and Criminal Sciences of Mexico, Moiss Moreno.
At the end of the meeting, an agreement was reached to integrate this system with For its part, the mayor of Los Olivos, Pedro Moiss del Rosario Ramrez, and the public safety managers of the districts of Ate, Surco, Villa El Salvador, Metropolitan Lima, Pueblo Libre, San Martin de Porres, Ancon and La Molina detailed the use and management of the technological tools they use to guarantee citizen security in their jurisdictions.
LUIS MOISSES DE ESPANES, Buenos Aires, Zavalia, 1994, p.
He explained that it was a photo of his friend Moisses, who also taught English in the foreign language school.
He smiled briefly then said he'd like to introduce me to Moisses later in the afternoon.
Moisses, in the doorway of one hut, started laughing when he saw Octavio.
(Moisses was trailing us on back of another motorcycle.) Octavio was silent for awhile, and then he said, "Gordon, there's a lot of weird feelings.