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MOISTManagement of Organic Inputs in Soils of the Tropics (est. 1994; Cornell University)
MOISTMinistry of the Interior, Statistics Department (Taiwan, ROC)
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I don't understand what the moist sugar has got to do with it, Sir.
Then I'll show you," said Sir Patrick, crossing his legs, and setting in comfortably for a good talk "You go to the tea-shop, and get your moist sugar.
And do you know, Kostya, I'll tell you the truth," he went on, leaning his elbow on the table, and propping on his hand his handsome ruddy face, in which his moist, good-natured, sleepy eyes shone like stars.
Fishes are not animals, and they are as cold and moist as the vegetables themselves.
Well," she said, smiling, for in her own heart she could not help studying this double love of the prisoner for herself and for the black tulip, "I have done things on a large scale; I have prepared a bed as you described it to me, on a clear spot, far from trees and walls, in a soil slightly mixed with sand, rather moist than dry without a fragment of stone or pebble.
They had not met anybody on the moist, red road that wound along the harbor shore.
These warm conditions have attracted cold and moist winds from the north.
As they rise, they carry the water into the stratosphere where it creates the moist greenhouse.
Crafted from moist and brandied rich and luscious fruit, this cake is finished with beautifully crafted almond marzipan and royal white icing.
In addition, the Cottonelle brand is once again encouraging consumers to "get fresh" with a friend and pass on the message that Flushable Moist Wipes leave you feeling fresher than dry toilet paper alone to provide an enhanced, everyday clean.
Bruder's powered automatic moist heating pad is now being introduced for effective self-administered treatments at home.