MOITMinistry of Industry and Trade (various countries)
MOITMinistry of Information Technology (Pakistan)
MOITMinistry of Inside Things (band)
MOITMulti-layered Organic Interconnect Technology
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"Bah!" said Gourville, "who told you that they do not come from Beaugency or from Moit even?"
For future initiatives, MoIT has planned to launch a web portal that would enable the young IT experts to share their creative ideas related to Information Technology.
In case people find that enterprises do not belong to the above list, but there are signs of conducting sales activities in multi-level mode, Department of Technology and Consumer Protection suggested that people provide information to the Department of Consumer Protection and Consumer Protection (email: vcca @ or the Department of Industry and Trade and the Market Management Department in the locality to carry out the verification and transfer the investigation police agency to handle as prescribed.
Furthermore, the committee did not submit a signed report before the secretary MoIT, who signed the initial note on establishment of ICH dated 24-01-2012 without acquiring report of the committee, and forwarded to PS to prime minister on the same day.
Nguyen Huu Tuan, head of the E-commerce management division of MoIT's Vietnam eCommerce and Digital Economy Agency, said last year was the busiest year for online businesses, with a growth rate of more than 30 per cent.
The representatives of MoIT informed the parliamentary Body that other purpose of the portal would be to facilitate government agencies and citizens with document tracking, archiving and information retrieval.
As per procedure of Korean Exim Bank for selection of consultants, consortium of consultants were short listed by MoIT from the list of consultants provided by Korean Exim Bank.
Responding to some of the observations made by the committee, MoIT secretary Maroof Afzal said that they were in the process of forming a new independent investigation agency to probe cybercrime.
He said MoIT is continuously working on new projects for maximum economic impact through collaboration, digitization, research and innovation in new emerging technologies within the ICT and other socioeconomic sectors.
Thailand is currently Vietnam's largest trade partner in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), according to the Department of Asia-Africa Markets under the MoIT.
It was decided that further deliberation would be done by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and the MoIT to finalise the appropriate tax proposals with a view to give a boost of these important sectors.
The MoIT is funding different programmes in this regard under which private-sector organisations are gearing up to develop specific apps for the target market.