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MOLAMars Orbiter Laser Altimeter
MOLAMinistry of Legal Affairs (various locations)
MOLAMajor Orchestra Librarians Association (est. 1983; Philadelphia, PA)
MOLAMinistry of Local Administration (UN)
MOLAMeeting of Officials on Land Administration (UN Economic Commission for Europe)
MOLAMissoula Outdoor Learning Adventures
MOLAMuseum of Living Artists (Germany)
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What sets Mola Foods apart is that its seasonings, relishes and marinades are a part of a customizable monthly subscription box, aptly called My Condiments Box.
Abu Dhabi is the one date that really stands out in my calendar," said Mola.
The world's heaviest bony fish that has been actually weighed and recorded to date is a specimen of Mola alexandrini, not Mola mola," Sawai added, who believes that there could be even bigger examples of this species alive in the ocean.
Mola Nissi and a second activist, Habib Jaber al-Ahvazi also known as Abo Naheth, survived an Iranian crackdown on the group, The Arab Struggle Movement, that seeks independence for Khuzestan, by escaping to Syria from where they found refuge in Europe.
Olympic silver and bronze medallist Brownlee, 27, was distanced during the run and finished 23 seconds behind Mola, while fellow Briton Grant Sheldon was 10th.
Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilstead, who is a senior nutrition scientist at the WorldFish Center, says, "The Bangladesh government should promote the culture of mola to increase the frequency and quantity of mola consumption - there is a great potential for this, as Bangladesh has over four million household ponds in which mola can be cultured.
During the operation, code named Tlatelolco as it was supposed to occur on the October 2 anniversary of a famous 1968 Mexico City massacre, one of the marines had Guzman in his sites, but chose not to pull the trigger as Chapo had a young girl in his arms, Loret de Mola said.
In the statement, Zimmer said that Mola and 10 Turkish activists face legal proceedings on charges of "insulting" Erdoy-an after they peacefully attended a demonstration in ystanbul on Feb.
The 30-year-old battled it out in a tight field where there was a surprise winner in the men's event - which did not include the Brownlee brothers Alistair and Jonny - as Frenchman Vincent Luis claimed his maiden WTS victory after finishing ahead of Spanish duo Javier Gomez Noya and Mario Mola in a time of 51:54.
The mola panel on this month's cover is a perfect ambassador to this month's textile and mixed-media issue.
Dado que en muchos aspectos la mola sirve de plano de inscripcion del movimiento de codificacion, descodificacion y recodificacion de la cultura, no parece exagerado hablar de la mola como el plano de expresion de una suerte de economia general (Bataille) donde se conjugan lo artistico, lo mitico, lo deseante, lo curativo y lo comercial.
The fish, believed to be foreign to Gulf waters, is thought to be called Ocean Sun Fish or Mola Mola.