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MOLARMinistry of Land and Resources (China)
MOLARModular Linux and Adaptive Runtime (computing; various schools)
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4mg (milligram) and 8mg of sub mucosal dexamethasone to decrease trismus by comparing the mean decrease in interincisal distance in patients undergoing impacted mandibular third molar surgery.
found two additional configurations in a more in depth morphology study of maxillary molar teeth having three canals (3-2, 2-3).
No statistical difference between the two groups in obtaining gingival anaesthesia in the second and third molar regions, Table 2.
Pitalia, "Paramolar--A supernumerary molar: a case report and an overview," Dental Research Journal, vol.
A randomized study of sodium hypochlorite versus formocresol pulpotomy in primary molar teeth.
The patient was suspected as having a molar pregnancy as an initial diagnosis and the possible medical and surgical options were presented to the patient.
Table-1: Frequency distribution of Vertucci's classification and number of apical foramina in the mesial and distal roots of mandibular first molar.
In human beings the dentition is continuously exhibited 5 cusps which proved that Arikara are similar to Asian derived populations in frequency of highest frequency of number of cusps.23 Another study done on Korean population also showed maximum frequency of 5 cusps numbers on permanent mandibular first molar which is similar with findings of the current study.23 In current study we also found 6 numbers of cusps on mandibular first molar but their frequency was very less among all these three populations.
Intraoral examination revealed Angle Class III molar relationship, anterior cross-bite and moderate crowding in both arches.
[8] However, the most universally accepted classification system still in use today is EH angles method which was developed in 1889 and was based on the position of maxillary permanent first molar in the craniofacial anatomy.
Our understanding of molar polymorphism in rodents benefitted from fruitful discussions with our colleague Helder Gomes Rodrigues.