MOLCMothers of Lost Children (Davis, CA)
MOLCMusic of Life Church (Kimberly, WI)
MOLCMonocyte-Derived Langerhans Cells (microbiology)
MOLCManagement of Learning Committee (EU)
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Next, the parameter estimations of each distribution in Figures 4-6 are all accomplished by the estimators based on the MoLC, which are shown at Table 1, where the analytical expression of the G[degrees] distribution is given in (B1).
Additionally, the parameter estimators of the presented model are obtained by applying the MoLC. The experimental results show that this model provides better performance compared to G[degrees] distribution, especially in the extremely heterogeneous high-resolution urban areas.
([dagger]) Throughout this paper, the estimates of parameters of the G[degrees] distribution adopt the MoLC, the detailed description is given by Tison, et al.
VHI.2004, 1-6X.2004, Zaifu Xu leg., 35 males (29 in ZJUC, one in MOLC); same locality label, 9-18.VII.2005, Cai Yali leg., one male (SCAU); same locahty label, 22-24.VIII.2010, Zaifu Xu leg., four males (SCAU); same locality label, 8-17.VIII.2010, yellow pan trap, Chen Huayan leg., eight males (SCAU); Nanling National Natural Reserve, Conservation Area, 22.VIII.2010, Rui Guo leg., one male (SCAU); Shixmg, Chebaling, 28.VII.2002, Zaifu Xu leg., one male (ZJUC); Shaoguan, Chebaling, 10-12.VIL2003, Zaifu Xu leg., one male (ZJUC); Longmen, Mt.
[29[degrees]19.1'S:30[degrees]15.5'E] (NMSA, MOLC); Ferncliff Nat.
Res., Mahai Camp (NMSA); Eshowe (AMNH, NMSA, MOLC); Eshowe, nr Ntumeni Nat.
(NMSA); Ramsgate, Butterfly Sanctuary (NMSA, MOLC); Pietermaritzburg, Hilton (NMSA); Eshowe, nr Ntumeni Nat.
(NMSA); La Mercy [29[degrees]36'S:31[degrees]06'E] (NMSA, MOLC).
Distribution: Ramsgate, Butterfly Sanctuary [30[degrees]53.3'S:30[degrees]20.4'E] (NMSA, MOLC).
Distribution: Richards Bay (MZLU); Gingindlovu (BMNH, MOLC); Empangeni (BMNH); Kloof (BMNH, MOLC); Van Reenen (AMNH, BMNH); Champagne Castle (PPRI-NCI); Northern Drakensberg, 4 km S of Cavern Berg Resort (MOLC, SAMC); Winterton, along Rd.
Distribution: Cathedral Peak, nr the gate of Cathedral Peak Hotel (MOLC).
(SAMC); Louwsberg, Sanyati Nature Farm [27[degrees]34'S:31[degrees]17.9'E] (NMSA, MOLC); Vernon Crookes Nat.