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MOLDSMultiple on Line Debugging System
MOLDSModernization of Land Data Systems (geographical information system; institute)
MOLDSModem On Line Diagnostics (used by telcos to check data transmission speed of a telephone line)
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The same two molds used for the aluminum pouring studies were then sand blasted and coated with a new application of boron nitride at optimal conditions for magnesium.
However, if other processes were developed for the metal, particularly permanent mold, it could become a significant part of the structural automotive market.
Specializes in medium to large molds for injection, compression, structural extrusion blow molds, and other processes.
Designs, builds, and repairs precision injection molds for thermoplastics and thermosets using CNC machining.
But as yet, he added, there is no scientific proof that airborne exposure to molds is linked to other adverse health effects, such as bleeding from the lungs, memory loss or lethargy.
Based on what the scientific community currently knows about molds, it's far easier in court to establish that mold spores have caused an allergic reaction than to show they have triggered a neurological response, said William F.
The dramatic CDC study vaulted molds and their effects on human health into the public limelight.
Molds need water to grow, and thrive in places with chronic leaks.
Molds for extrusion blow, injection-blow, and stretch-blow processes, including bottles from 3 cc to 20 liters for food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and beverages.
Specializes in high-quality blow molds for high-volume production of carbonated-beverage containers.
Exposure to mold and the byproducts of mold is not an unusual condition in the human environment.
On the surface, handling indoor mold growth appears simple.