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MOLEMultichannel Operational Line Evaluator
MOLEMilitary Overlay Editor (Environmental Systems Research Institute)
MOLEMinistry of Labour and Employment
MOLEMultichannel Operational Line Evaluator (US DoD)
MOLEManaged Online Learning Environment (UK)
MOLEManoeuvre Operations in a Littoral Environment (AU)
MOLEMellowed Out Luncheon Explorers
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and other songs so prettily that the mole fell in love with her; but he did not say anything, he was a very cautious man.
Tulliver, in mild surprise, "when did I iver make objections to a man because he'd got a mole on his face?
He came to the closing sentence -- to the last words which mentioned the two little moles on Magdalen's neck.
To see if I have that mole your father spoke of," answered Don Quixote.
And he left the room, followed by the low but ringing laughter of the sister with the mole.
The result was that when I entered the iron mole I took her with me.
Sometimes he knew her and Father Mole, her director and companion; oftener he forgot her, as he had done wife, children, love, ambition, vanity.
There he had dug quite a deep hole for dog darnel; and had set a mole trap.
Then she spread the table afresh, and to it came fearlessly the busy ant and bee, gay butterfly and bird; even the poor blind mole and humble worm were not forgotten; and with gentle words she gave to all, while each learned something of their kind little teacher; and the love that made her own heart bright shone alike on all.
At one corner of the mouth there was a mark, apparently a mole, which added to the characteristic peculiarity of the face.
A fair girl, of medium height and slender, with reddish, gold hair and a dark mole near her left eyebrow.
Yes, it is I," replied the captain of the musketeers, running lightly up the steps of the mole, and gaining rapidly the little esplanade on which his two friends waited for him.