MOLGMachines of Loving Grace (band)
MOLGMinistry of Local Government
MOLGMagnuson Off-Leash Group (Magnuson Park; Seattle, WA)
MOLGModern Low German (linguistics)
MOLGMagnetic Oil Level Gauge
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So, melting is not why Kilimanjaro's ice field is vanishing, rather the ice is disappearing through a process called sublimation (Molg and Hardy 5, 11), or the conversion of ice directly to water vapor, which can take place at temperatures well below the melting point.
Each MOL global ADR represents one ordinary share and trades on NASDAQ under the symbol "MOLG."
(33.) Thomas Molg et al., "Limited Forcing of Glacier Loss through Land-Cover Change on Kilimanjaro," Nature Climate Change 2, no.
Tenders are invited for Spares For Molg & Buchholz Relays Of M/S Sukrut Make
The programme, implemented jointly by the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG) and UNDP, will focus on health, education, housing, cultural heritage, energy, transportation, water and wastewater and consequently, will increase communities resilience, improve livelihoods and safeguard their existence.
The Complaint alleges that throughout the Class Period, Defendants made false and/or misleading statements and/or failed to disclose to investors that: MOLG was overstating the revenue and profit derived from its business and operations; the Company s actual business model could not sustain the growth trends described in the Offering Documents; MOLG would not be able to report its third quarter 2014 financial results on November 21, 2014, as previously stated; and as a result of the foregoing, MOLG's financial statements were materially false and misleading at all relevant times.
Tenders are invited for Consultancy Services for Development and Upgrade Financial and Accounting Manuals for LGUs Use and Conduct Training, for the benefit of Budgeting Department at Ministry of Local Government (MoLG).
The ceremony which was celebrated over a Ramadan Iftar with the local community at Daher al-Abed was attended by the Minister of Local Government (MoLG), Jenin Governor, the EU Head of Cooperation, and the Director General of the Municipal Lending and Development Fund (MDLF).
Key national partners include the Ministry of Women's Affairs (MoWA), the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD), the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG), the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), the Ministry of Health (MoH), and other relevant national counterparts such as municipalities, community associations, and civil society organizations actively working on eliminating violence against women and girls.
Los reguladores del crecimiento no tradicionales, tales como los analogos de brasinoesteroides (ABr) y la mezcla de oligogalacturonidos (mOLG) se pueden utilizar como sustitutos de las auxinas y las citoquininas como alternativa para disminuir el riesgo de inducir variaciones geneticas en los procesos de multiplicacion (Ali et al., 2008, Gonzalez et al., 2005).
Farinotti, D., Longuevergne, L., Moholdt, G., Duethmann, D., Molg, T., Bolch, T., Vorogushyn, S., & Gunther, A.