MOLIRENAMovimiento Liberal Republicano Nacionalista (Spanish: Liberal Republican Nationalist Movement)
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As Molirena's party symbol is a red and yellow flag with a red rooster, Gonzalez Ruiz referred to their defection as "the flight of the roosters." Gonzalez Ruiz has said that he intends to run for vice president with the CD's presidential candidate Jose Domingo Arias as his running mate.
During the past two weeks, Juan Carlos Varela of the Partido Panamenista has managed to win over members of the PP and Molirena. However, not everyone in his own party supports him, and the Panamenistas have also been torn apart by internal struggles.
MOLIRENA tuvo un rendimiento ligeramente inferior a su promedio; el de su aliado oficialista, CD, fue muy superior a su promedio.
Los dos restantes forman parte del Partido Popular (Milton Henriquez, presidente de ese partido y ministro de gobierno, y Temistocles Diaz, miembro de MOLIRENA y ministro consejero).
Distinto a lo que hicieron los veintidos anteriores, que se inscribieron en el partido Cambio Democratico del presidente Ricardo Martinelli, estos se pasaron al MOLIRENA, el partido aliado de Cambio Democratico.
The opposition alliance of the PA, Liberal Nacional, and Movimiento Liberal Republicano Nacionalista (MOLIRENA) has 23 seats assured, with one more, in contention, likely headed their way.
Candidates did not differ on major issues Moscoso's Union por Panama is a mix of the populist PA and three conservative, pro-business parties: the Cambio Democratico (CD), which had earlier supported Perez Balladares' failed re-election bid, the Movimiento Liberal Republicano Nacionalista (MOLIRENA), and the Movimiento de Renovacion Nacional (MORENA) Moscoso campaigned promising an alternative to unpopular PRD policies and picturing Torrijos as more of the same, or "continuismo." Her slogan was "Mireya is change," but her program was short on alternatives.