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Her five collections of poems--beginning with Moln (1922; "Clouds") and ending with the posthumously published De sju dodssynderna (1942; "The Seven Deadly Sins")--show the evolution of her outlook and style from the simple expression of a middle-class girl's dreams and a young radical's eager acceptance of life to bolder images, wider perspectives, and feeling for the problems of humanity.
Secretary of State for Justice and Home Affairs, Ester Moln, and the president of the Association of Social Workers of Andorra (ATSA), Mnica Insa, today signed a collaboration agreement between the Department of Civil Protection and Management of Emergencies (PCGE) and the ATSA.
The head of government, Antoni Mart, along with the rest of the attendees to the presentation of the Logistics Group, among them Secretary of State for Justice and Home Affairs, Ester Moln, visited the example of an emergency base camp mounted In the parking lot opposite the Administrative Administrative Building, where different GL equipment have been taught.
The Director of Civil Protection, Francesc Areny, and the Area Leaders, Cristian Pons and Yolanda Font, informed different groups involved such as the Fire Brigade, the Police and many others, in the presence of the Secretary of State for Justice and Interior, Ester Moln.