MOLPMultiple Objective Linear Programming
MOLPMicrosoft Open License Pack
MOLPMicrosoft Open Licensing Program
MOLPMusic Open Learning Provider (UK)
MOLPMothers and Others for a Livable Planet
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They applied MOLP models and necessary and sufficient conditions for input/output estimation are introduced.
Addition of MOLP at all the four levels did not have any negative effect on pH and acidity of supplemented whey drink (Table 1).
Thus, the MOLP model of the proposed integrated approach is constructed to simultaneously satisfy these objectives.
2 Finding the generalized nucleolus as a solution for an MOLP problem
AI techniques including problem-reduction technique, and MOLP techniques and Dynamic Programming (DP), have been applied to build and maintain both the database and knowledge base for the network under study.
Phase II: By solving another single-objective linear program it can be determined whether the MOLP has any efficient solutions.
This change proves cost effective for those who use the MOLP pricing practice.
In a MOLP model, several objective functions are established and are appropriately linked to linear constraints.
licencji Microsoft Office Standard 2016 SNGL MVL (polska wersja jezykowa) w ramach programu licencjonowania grupowego Select Plus albo MOLP,
We present a MOLP model which its functions are input/output variables subject to the defining constraints of PPS in standard DEA models.
The program offers resellers a comprehensive list of product lines from leading software manufacturers, including Attachmate, Borland Advantage, Claris Plus, Corel Choice, Corel Freedom, IBM Advantage, Lotus Passport, Lotus Contract Option, McAfee Assurance, Metrowerks, Micrografx, Microsoft MOLP, Novell CLA and VLA, Qualcomm, Symantec Premier Value, Traveling Software and Visio Prema.
License Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 SNGL MVL (Polish language version) - under the Select Plus Volume Licensing or MOLP.