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Based on the previous discussions on SPP and currently available data as mentioned in below table, there are no existing methods which are available for MOLP under neutrosophic environment.
They applied MOLP models and necessary and sufficient conditions for input/output estimation are introduced.
For the determination of total phenolic contents of MOLP, 1 mL (methanolic extract of leaf powder) was poured into 11 mL screw capped test tube, 2 mL (0.2-molar) folin ciocalteu, 2 mL sodium carbonate (7.5%) added, mixed and stored in dark for 20 min at ambient temperature and absorbance measured at 765-nm in visible region on a double beam spectrophotometer (Shidmadzu, Japan).
Consider the multiobjective linear programing (MOLP) problem, defined by a feasible set
Network design models provide a language for talking about problems that is much more intuitive than the "variables, objective, and constraints" whose solutions are based on MOLP and AI programming.
Phase I: By solving a single-objective linear program it can be determined whether the MOLP is feasible.
"An Interactive MOLP Approach for the Extension of DEA to Effectiveness Analysis." Journal of Operational Research Society, 39(8), 1988, 725-34.
La caracterizacion del cristal producido se realizo con lupa binocular, microscopio petrografico de luz plana polarizada (MOLP) en su modo de luz transmitida, microscopio electronico de barrido con analizador de estado solido (ESEM/EDX) y espectroscopia infrarroja con transformada de Fourier (FTIR).