MOLSAMinistry of Labour and Social Affairs
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For those who suffer poor treatment, MOLSA works to ensure that they receive all the support they need to improve their situation and that any company mistreating workers is sanctioned.
MOLSA will be signing a Technical Cooperation Agreement with the International Labour Organization this year for further support enforcement mechanisms.
In 2012, MOLSA reviewed and approved 198,000 contracts for overseas employment, predominantly for women emigrating as domestic workers.
The MOLSA was underfunded, received little political attention, and was afflicted by widespread corruption and lethargy.
This department was removed from MOLSA in the summer of 2003).
The 1987 Labor Code designated MOLSA as the mechanism to provide employment services and vocational training to unemployed Iraqis.
By the early 1990s, just one of the original three MOLSA employment centers in Baghdad remained open--and only as a token display of government effort to assist the unemployed.
Vocational training: Despite the mandates established in the Labor Code, during the last several years of Saddam Hussein's rule, the regime had little interest in providing vocational training through MOLSA as a means of job preparation for Iraqi jobseekers.
In June 2011, MOLSA, with other stakeholders, organized an event at Chencha Woreda (Gamo Gofa Zone)--a major source area for child trafficking--to campaign against child trafficking and identify and assist potentially trafficked children at bus stations during times of peak labor migration to the capital.
In 2011, MOLSA reviewed and approved 80,000 contracts for overseas employment, predominantly of domestic workers, a fourfold increase from 2010.
MOLSA reportedly began to regulate labor recruitment practices during the reporting period, though it was unclear if the government penalized or closed recruitment agencies involved in fraudulent recruitment practices.
HE Dr Abdullah Saleh Mubarak Al Khulaifi, the Minister for MOLSA said: "Qatar is a young, developing nation experiencing a period of economic growth unprecedented in history, anywhere in the world.