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MOLTSModel Output Location Time Series (National Centers for Environmental Prediction)
MOLTSMultimode Optical Loss Test Set (FOC)
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Although chitin is common and abundant in crustacean biomass, and degradation and generation of chitin take place at each molt, the NAGL molting biomarker had never been reported in any crustacean, in any other species, or in any synthetic and/or degradation pathway of chitin before its discovery in C.
ABSTRACT--Knowledge of timing and pattern of wing molt is important for explanations of post-breeding movements and inland vagrancy in Ancient Murrelets (Synthliboramphus antiquus).
Key words: molt, nonmolt, stress, blood sampling, hematologic testing, plasma biochemical analysis, avian, African penguins, Spheniscus dernersus
Specimens of females and males were obtained for each stage of development examined (third and fourth molts for females, and fourth and fifth molts for males).
Most North American land birds undertake a prebasic molt following breeding, during which all feathers are replaced (Pyle, 1997).
In this study, we identify more readily observed external features of the scorpion exoskeleton as the basis for distinguishing scorpion molts and carcasses.
In case where the data comprised among the days of molt, they were subjected to a nested design.
Unlike humans, who constantly shed worn-out skin as tiny flakes, snakes and lizards periodically molt, or shed the outermost layer of their scaly skin all at once.
1995) showed that sphyrion tag loss for lobsters held in aquaria varies between 3% and 23% depending on the molt stage at tagging.
Most birds living in temperate regions have two molts per year, one in the fall and one in the spring.