MOMAFMinistry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (South Korea)
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On the other hand, the paper by Sang Don Lee (Professor of Law at Chung-Ang University and a member of the Executive Committee of the SLOC-Study Group of Korea) looks largely at the history of maritime administration in the Republic of Korea and the establishment of the MOMAF (Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries).
Government organisations responsible for promoting and expanding their respective country's seafood industries are staging significant presence at the event, including Department of Fisheries of Malaysia, Department of Fisheries of Thailand, China Aquatic Products Processing & Marketing Association -- CAPPMA, Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters & Producers, Turkish Seafood Promotion Committee, the Canadian Sablefish Association, New Brunswick Department of Fisheries (Canada), Marine Export Promotion and Development Authority - MEPDA (India), and the Ministry of Marine Affairs, Fisheries - MOMAF (Republic of Indonesia) and Sri Lanka Export Development Board.
MOMAF has been publicizing the initiative of promoting Korea's FTZ as an alternative to help reduce rising logistics costs in Japan.